Albert "Bro Se Litigant" Wang (paptorts) wrote,
Albert "Bro Se Litigant" Wang

The Waifus of Juan Pujol Garcia

Today's comic is about Juan Pujol "Garbo" "Arabel" "Ballsy McSacks" Garcia, who was quite a character. Any old schmuck can conjure himself up an imaginary friend or two. Only Garbo could make up a whole fictional spy ring and pass his fake subordinates off convincingly enough to fool the best minds of Nazi intelligence. His espionage activities made him the darling of both the British and German intelligence services, and he ended up with both an Iron Cross and a MBE by the time the dust settled.

But... what if he used his powers for evil?

ARTISTIC LICENSE: Like most spies, Garbo had a handler in the Abwehr. He wouldn't have addressed his letters directly to Hitler. But Hitler is more readily recognizable than Wilhelm Canaris.
Tags: adolf hitler, art, comics, double cross, espionage, garbo, history, imaginary girls, juan pujol garcia, mi5, world war ii
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