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Young lawyers, be careful. Your Halloween costume may out you as a classist jerk or, worse, a TVTropes fan.

Cute Lawyers #60: Dram Shop

In which Kate tries to enjoy the firm happy hour.

Cute Lawyers #59: Happy Hour

Practicing law is all about compromise.

Cute Lawyers #58: The Human Rights Lawyer


Wilkie is hard to write jokes for because, honestly, she's a little too perfect. Or at least she hides her neuroses better. Fortunately, despair always makes a good punchline.

Cute Lawyers #57: Meet the Client


The best part of practicing law is you get to solve real problems for real clients. The worst part of practicing law is you have to solve real problems for real clients.

Cute Lawyers #56: The Competition is Over


Sorry this comic is coming to you so late! Busy with work, plus I'm thinking of making the comic full-color.

Why Do People Like The Thing I Don't Like?


Writeup over on Tumblr if you're interested.

Madoka, Rob Liefeld Style


Want to recommend Madoka Magica to your friends, but afraid what they’ll think of you? Fear not! I’ve taken the liberty of making Madoka suitably EX-TREME for American audiences.

Cute Lawyers #55: The Girl Who Has A Job


It's the return of Cliffy Chance, the mid-level associate! Senior enough to have the faintest clue what the firm is about, yet junior enough to get stuck managing the fresh-meat summer associates. When a partner's time gets billed out at $900/hr and a mid-level associate's at $300, I know which one I'd stick on babysitting duty...

Cute Lawyers #54: The Law Library

I sometimes feel there’s a certain cultural divide between the old generation of lawyers and the new. On one hand you have people like former ABA president William Robinson III, who willfully ignores six-figure student debt loads when he himself paid $330 a semester to go to law school. (Here’s another cartoon I did for Bitter Lawyer about him.)

On the other hand, at my swearing-in reception I was one of two new attorneys (out of about 13) who had a job. Even those lawyers who, against all odds*, find work often end up living with their parents. What else can you do on a $50,000 salary and a $160,000 debt at 7%?

For these and other reasons, it’s hard to feel that people like William Robinson III represent me. And it’s hard to feel that I don’t live in a world completely alien to that of experienced attorneys.

* This is not a figure of speech. American law schools graduate more than 46,000 new J.D.’s per year. Meanwhile, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that only 74,800 new legal jobs will open up in the next ten years. That’s roughly six new lawyers for every new legal job, not counting the existing body of displaced lawyers, which is substantial.


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